Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taliban attack Afghan capital, 3 other cities

cybervigilante at 7:08 AM April 15, 2012

Well gee, who not just declare "Mission Accomlished?" Why are we even THERE? Al Quada left ten years ago. Osama is dead. We just cause injury and brain damage to our troops while spending billions when we're broke. And the people will always hate us. Look at Iraq - a total waste base on lies. Now they're selling their oil to China and buddying up with Iran. That sure was worth three trillion dollars and tens of thousands of lives - NOT!  This President is as unimaginative as the last one when it comes to getting out of a worthless war.

And of course, it's not Really about "freeing" some peoples. There are much more oppressed ones in other parts of the globe, from Africa to our "allies" in Saudi Arabia (which Actually sent the terrorists)  It's all about O-I-L (and gas) since Afghanistan is a major pathway for a massive pipleline to them And secondarily, to keep supplying the CIA with Opium.

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